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Gift Helper Script

"Help out your friends and family by giving them some ideas of what you'd like for Christmas! It's quick and simple. Simply select a card below, enter the person's name and email of who will be sending the gift and click send. They'll receive an email with the card you sent and a link back to your gift! Christmas will be here in 0 days and 0 hours, so don't wait, send your wish list now!"

What is it? The Gift Helper Script is a script that allows visitors the ability to click an image of a gift while looking at items for sale on your website. They then enter the name and email address of a friend or family member. The script will send a greeting card which also has a link back to your site where the purchase can be made. You can set the count down date to any specified date and the page will automatically display how many days are left.

Who can use it? If your server has php (most all do), you can easily integrate this script into your website. It is especially easy to use as an add-on to the Five Star Review Script. No database is required!

Can it be used for holidays other than Christmas? Absolutely! Just change the images and a couple lines of text and it can be used for any occassion in which gifts are given...birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc..

Can I try it? Sure, take a look here. Click on the gift when you get there.

How much does it cost? The good news is that it is very affordable...only $4.95! Christmas will be here in 0 days and 0 hours, so don't wait, purchase today!