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Five Star Review ScriptFive Star Template SystemFive Star Review Script

Using a simple, but powerful php driven template system can and will save you hours of editing webpages. It is absolutely the best way to structure a website! Using this system, you can change your email address or any pre-defined information on thousands of pages by doing a 3 second edit in one file!

How does it work? How does it work?

Lets take a look at the function of each file included in this system to get a better understanding:

1. There is a file called body.php. It contains the layout of how you want your site to appear. It's a regular html page broken in half to a header and footer. All pages on your site display the header and footer of this file.

2. There is also a file named body_menu.php. This file contains your navigation and links. Ever want to add a new link or delete a link? Change it in this one file and you're finished!

3. Keeping the content separate from the design, the style.css is responsible for all of your aesthetic text features...font size, font type, font style, etc...

4. Config.php is a simple file that holds all your pre-defined settings such as your email address, name, site name, different google adsense ads, and actually any information, data or html you might want to display in your website.

5. Sample_template.php is a file that shows you how to put it all together. This file is to be renamed and used to setup unlimited pages throughout your site. A very unique feature of this template system is that each page can have different title, description and keywords metatags. Search engines will love your search engine optimized website!!

That's it!

Five simple files, but when used together form into one very powerful website template system!

Each file has comments to help guide you. Full support is also offered with your purchase.

If you're ready to save time, create a professional looking website that maintains a consistent look and style, and make money from the Google AdSense Plug-In feature, click here and select the Five Star Template System for only $24.95!!!

Click the cart and you'll be transported to the purchase page:

Purchase Five Star Template System plus Google Adsense Integration

P.S. - The Five Star Review Script uses the Five Star Template System. This site is using it now! You can see it in action on any of these websites.

Five Star Review Script
Five Star Review Script
Five Star Review Script
Five Star Review Script
Five Star Review Script