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User FeaturesUser Features

Image and Video Upload with Reviews

Users have the option to upload images along with their reviews.

Member Management / User Control Panel

Registered users have a User Control Panel. It shows all their subscriptions, favorite reviews, sticky notes and reviews they've written. Additionally, the profile can be edited to contain contact information and they can even upload their photo or avatar.

Search Engine

The built in search engine allows users to search by category, item name, summary or unlimited review criteria. Users can find what they need...fast!

Recommend to a Friend

Can share reviews / review items with friends with this handy built in feature.

Printer Friendly Format

Users can print out a review page in a printer friendly format.

Save to Favorites List

Registered users can save specific review items to their Review Favorites list which can later be accessed from their personal user control panel.

Subscribe to Reviews

Items that users wish to keep an eye on can be subscribed to. Each time that item receives a new review, the subscribed user will receive an email with the link to the item.

Social Media Sharing

Help your users share your content everywhere. Generate traffic back to your site and increase your site's search engine ranking. Your content can now be shared to more services than ever before. This feature includes destinations from all over the world, including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Menéame, Hatena, and Nujij — and even utilities like Print, Translate, and PDF Online. The Social Media Sharing feature is growing and it automatically takes care of keeping your sharing tools up-to-date with these new services, so you don't have to.

Sticky Notes

Users can write notes for an item that get saved to their user control panel. Very handy!

Sortable Display

Sort the reviews to make them easier to view. Can sort using the following options:

Newest First
Oldest First
Highest Rating Firs
Lowest Rating First
Most Helpful First
Least Helpful First
5-Star Reviews Only
4-Star Reviews Only
3-Star Reviews Only
2-Star Reviews Only
1-Star Reviews Only


User can make comments about each individual review.

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

Readers can vote a review thumbs up or thumbs down. Other users can then see the stats of how many other users found the review helpful.

Add New Review Items

Users can create new review items. After admin approval, the items show up on the review system.

In-Place AJAX Login

Users can login without an annoying page redirection or refresh.

Password Retireval System

Lost passwords can be retreved instantly without disturbing the administrator.

AJAX Tabbed Display

Front page block shows the Review Categories, Most Useful Reviews, Latest Reviews and Top Rated in a convenient tabbed format.

Image Carousel

The top rated items that have images are displayed in the scrollable carousel. The images link to the review item.

  • Choose effect, should the image slide in, or fade in?
  • jQuery call returns gallery instances, which enables you to change settings on the fly like the "Change to fade effect" link above
  • Keyboard arrows to move back and forth
  • Click on the edge of the big image to go to the next/previous
  • Images are preloaded, and if the aren't finished loading when they are supposed to be displayed, a loading image will appear
  • Slideshow count down only begins when the image has loaded and is visible
  • Takes the dimensions of the image container div and scales down images that are larger than it
  • Image is positioned in the middle if it's smaller than the container div
  • Images that are larger than the container are scaled down to fit inside the container


Category Cloud

Shows the most reviewed categories in a web 2.0 style cloud.

Info Blocks

A multitude of info blocks can be displayed anywhere on your site. The info blocks include the following:

Tabbed Review Categories, Most Useful, Latest Reviews and Top Rated
Top Rated Items (with images) - Carousel
Review Items
Top Rated Items
Most Popular Categories Cloud
Review Categories
Review Categories Select Box
Top Rated Reviews
Most Useful Reviewers
Most Active Reviewers
Most Active Reviewers This Month
Latest Reviews

RSS Feeds

Auto generated RSS feeds of all your review items.

Spell Checker

Users can spell check their review before submitting it.

Administrator FeaturesAdmin / Site Features

Search Engine Optimized / Friendly Links

Each link in the review system contains key word rich terms.

Approve Reviews

The configuration file has an option in which you can require admin approval before the user review gets posted to the website. Can also be set so the reviews appear instantaneously.

Delete Reviews

Select reviews can be deleted from the admin area.

Edit Reviews

Select reviews can be edited from the admin area.

Mass Review Deletion

Option to delete ALL unapproved reviews.

Add Items for Review

Add each item or service you'd like reviewed.

Image Upload

Images can be uploaded and attached to display with specific review items.

Edit Items for Review

Can edit any existing review item.

Delete Items for Review

Can delete any existing review item.

Approve User Submitted Item

Can approve user submitted items or services for review.

Delete User Submitted Items

Can delete user submitted items or services for review.

Manage Item Features

Each item can be assigned additional features which can also be edited or deleted at a later time. Additional features might be something like color, size, city, state, flavor, etc...

Manage Review Criteria

Each item can be assigned review criteria. Review criteria gives the user additional criteria that can be reviewed for each item.

Edit and Delete Comments

User comments can be edited or deleted.

Create, Edit or Delete Categories

Unlimited multi-tiered categories can be created, edited or deleted. Review items of a specific type can be assigned to a specific category.

Add, Edit and Delete User Accounts

If registration is required, user accounts can be deleted, edited or added.

Bad Word Filter

Designated "bad words" can be replaced with "good words".

Adsense Revenue Sharing

Ability to turn Adsense ads on or off. Can also set a designated percentage of Adsense Revenue to share with reviewers. Acts as an incentive for users to write a review.

Recommend to a Friend Reports

Users can recommend an item to a friend. Not only can you view what was said in the recommendation you can download reports into an Excel spreadsheet. The reports contain all the email address sent to and from should you wish to follow up with an email marketing campaign.

Option to Require User Registration

From the config file you can specify whether or not users are required to register before posting a review.

Single or Multiple Reviews

Option to allow users to review each item once or multiple times

Limit Review Length

Can set a minimum and maximum number of characters the reviews need to be.

BBCode Option

Option to enable or disable BBCode for users writing reviews.

Integration with Mailing List Manager

Built in option to integrate with Webinsta Mailing List Manager.

Specify Number of Reviews to Display

Set how many reviews to display per page.

Five Star Template System Built-In

The Five Star Template System is built-in to the Five Star Review Script. The template system allows the site owner to edit one page to match their current site and all the review pages will match as well. Quick way to edit hundreds of pages with one file edit.


The installer program walks you step-by-step through the installation process creating all the database tables and your configuration settings.

Affiliate Links

An affiliate link can be added to each review item. Can be added as a link or raw code.

Spambot Prevention

All submittable forms on the user side have built in CAPTCHA spam protection.

Google Base Integration

Add all of your reviews to Google's Review system. This could result in larges surges of traffic to your site.

WYSIWYG text editor

It's easy to add and edit text/html with the WYSIWYG text editor.